TECH carries a complete range of Air Service products, including hoses, chucks, couplers, tire inflation systems, and gauges.

Adaptors, Chucks & Accessories
TECH offers an array of Air Hose Repair Accessories includes high quality Air Chucks and Clips, Duel Foot Chucks and Air Hose Repairs.
Air Tool Lubricant
TECH Air Tool Oil is specially formulated to maximize air tool performance.
Drills, Buffers, Hammers & Vacuums
TECH offers a complete line of Air Tools and accessories including Air Drills to prepare tire injuries, low speed Air Buffers to prepare rubber surfaces.
Impact Wrenches
TECH offers a complete range of high performance Impact Wrenches and repair kits.
TECH supplies a complete line of heavy duty, high quality pneumatic impact and specialty sockets and socket sets.