TECH tire repairs embody over 80 years of innovation, refinement, enhanced tire longevity, customer confidence and safety. With billions of tire repairs installed globally, TECH tire repairs last the life of the tire as well as meet all global published government and industry standards for proper tire repair. TECH produced tire repairs are endorsed and are used by the world's largest tire manufacturers/retreaders and their subsidiaries. TECH offers a complete range of tire and tube repairs for every repair process from bicycle to Off-the-Road.

Bias Repairs
BP repairs are designed to permanently repair bias passenger, light truck, truck, agricultural, skidder (SK) and light duty Off-the Road applications.
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Cushion Gum/ Uncured Rubber
TECH Vul-Gum and Stripping Stock are excellent for use in floating repair units, filling skives or for installing spot repairs.
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ID Logos
TECH ID Logos are ideal for fast and simple identification of sidewall buldges associated with radial truck tire injuries.
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One-Piece & Stem Repairs
TECH\'s complete line of Uni-Seal Ultra repairs (one piece) plug/patch combination units and Uni-Seal Ultra stems (two piece) set the industry standard.
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Radial Repairs
TECH\'s complete line of Centech radial repair units are designed and engineered to repair the crown, shoulder or sidewall of all types and sizes of radial tires.
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Tire Repair Kits
TECH repair kits take the guesswork out of selecting all the products and tools you might need as well as provide detailed instructions to complete the repair.
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Tube & Valve Repairs
TECH 2-Way Round and Oval Tube repairs and Replacement Valves are the finest on the market today.
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Tubeless Tire Inserts
TECH produces and distributes a wide range of reinforced and non-reinforced on-the-wheel repair Inserts which repair smaller injuries to the tire.
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Universal Repairs
TECH\'s non-reinforced, all rubber AP All-Purpose repairs are designed for use in both radial and bias tires.
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